Spam Dammers!


Had to make some changes behind the scenes tonight regarding comments / notes made here by y’all.  I had been trying to work it so that most all comments showed up on the page right away, with some being marked immediately as junk and blocked.  I also maintained filter lists with probable junk domains and words that would prompt a comment to be held for moderation – that is, I’d read it first before it was published.

Well, the “Bad” and “Questionable” lists of key words and questionable domains are getting just too long to be worthwhile.  So, any post you put up will be held in the “Please Moderate” queue for me to review UNLESS you’ve previously posted a comment that has been approved.

That is, if you’re a known “White Hat” your comments will show up promptly.  If not, I’ll review the comment before it posts.

So, just because your comment (first) isn’t immediately published, don’t presume you’ve missed some button or link.

Thank you for checking in – make it a point to do something nice for yourself today!

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One Response to Spam Dammers!

  1. Uncle Steve says:

    Testing the new settings – this should go to the Moderation Queue before it shows up.
    [And, it did! Hooray! Admin]

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