Off on another HFH adventure!

Yes, I’ve left this almost-a-blog languish for way too long.

I’m in Pagosa Springs CO for a couple of weeks for an RV Care-A-Vanners Build. CAV is sub-group within the Habitat for Humanity organization – a group of RV folks, most of whom are retired, who are hosted by various HFH affiliates around the country to come in and help build homes.

This is my first foray into “A Brush with Kindness” – a program to help folks with repairs, painting (Ugh!), winterization, and the like. For this Build, projects we’ve got lined up include helping re-level a mobile home on which the pads have sunk and need to be repoured; replacing some flooring on a Habitat house that suffered a minor flood due to a plumbing failure; relocating and reattaching a porch / stoop that was “relocated” (on a mobile home) recently by a micro-burst; and some siding work on another home. We also have a home that needs to have the exterior stained as it is weathering badly and the owner is unable to do it.

These projects are mostly of the “Neighbor helping Neighbor” sort.

Met some new folks at the Welcome Aboard potluck last night as well as seeing a couple of old friends. It should be a fun two weeks and the local affiliate, HFH of Archuletta County, is a great one to work with – fine folks and this is a wonderful area. (Did I mention the river is a few hundred feet from my camper? And that there are fish to be had after work?)


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