In the meantime, here’s a shot from my phone.

I took this the morning of OCT 06 before I left a BLM campground I’d stayed in the night before. I had stopped here for the petroglyphs and took the trail / tour in the morning. Nice stop up on the top, looking west. Finished up a cup of coffee sitting up here before heading out that morning.  The name of the area is Hickison Petroglyph Rec Area and it is right at the Hickison Summit on “The Lonliest Road.”  Noise level is negligible other than a vehicle on the distant highway wandering on to the rumble strip at the shoulder now and then.   My only gripe would be the amount of litter and loose trash blowing about.  Managed to fill up a couple of Wally World bags on my strolls about the area.

From the BLM website:
Hickison Petroglyphs are 24 miles east of Austin. This campground offers 16 campsites, a day use area, two vault type toilets, grills, tables, a one-half mile ADA accessible interpretive trail, and trash cans. Small to mid-sized RVs can be accommodated. There is no water. Open year round. Fee: none.”

The glyphs are quite interesting.  I did the short walk the next morning before I hauled out and continued westward.  I found this fine viewpoint to finish up my coffee and smoke part of a cheap cigar before wandering back around the loop path and to my rig.

Looking westward from the high point on the loop trail.



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