Labyrinth Canyon (Green River) Here I Come!

Yee Hah!
After “been gonna” for years now, finally leaving this morning for the trip.

I’ll fish my way across Colorado – going to try the Gunnison I think – then into Moab UT Sunday night. Monday morning the outfitter will put me in just south of Green River, UT. Then, it’s down the river I go in a canoe. The outfitter will be at the pick-up point, just above Canyonlands Nation Park, on Saturday morning.

Nope, not part of a group or tour, just going. I figure between my river maps, my GPS, and my SPOT satellite messenger (with bundled SAR insurance) I should be fine.

The SPOT has a 911 emergency rescue button should I get badly hurt, but I expect to be fine. If you’re old enough, think back to the wizard in the cartoon, the name of which I cannot recall of course:

“Trizzle, Trazzle, Truzzle, Trome. Time for this one to come home.”


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